The Liturgy and the Anglican Ordinariates: An Evangelical Opportunity

A very thoughtful post by a Byzantine priest in the UK about the new Ordinariate Mass liturgy.  Here’s how he concludes his essay:

It seems to me that, at this early juncture in the history of Anglicanorum Coetibus, it is incumbent on Anglicans who have entered communion with the Catholic Church to reflect on their identity as Catholic Anglicans, and to understand what distinguishes them from their more numerically significant Roman brethren. I, for one, would argue that the answer to this must be the liturgy above all: not only that it is celebrated with a certain Anglican dignity, but that it also draws on the legitimate heritage that Pope Benedict himself identified, and which resides in the services derived directly from the Book of Common Prayer. I believe that in deciding thus, the Ordinariates – but especially the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham – have an unsurpassed opportunity to meet the people where they are, and represent something that truly speaks to them. The legitimate heritage of Anglicanism has been doing so on some level for generations, and that heritage has now been recognised and taken up by the Church of Rome. I pray that we may all benefit from it.

Read it all here.

We here at St. Joseph of Arimathea, Indianapolis, are unfortunately not being allowed to use the newly approved Ordinariate order for Mass. We are still making due with the Book of Divine Worship which is based on more modern Anglican sources, i.e. the 1979 ECUSA Prayer Book.

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