Ex-Anglicans break out of the ghetto

There’s an excellent article by William Odie over at the…

I was particularly amused by this quote.

One of the things that often irritates me about the Novus Ordo in English as a sung Mass is the way so many parishes sing it to a setting cooked up by some member of the congregation (who has often written nothing else), rather than to a more widely used and recognisable setting. This seems to me to be (literally) the most blatant congregationalism; it’s a most un-Catholic practice. Why not to a plainsong setting? Cradle Catholics have the extraordinary notion that plainsong can only be sung in Latin, that only Latin fits the notes. But there are plenty of notes, and Anglo-Catholics have known for years that most plainsong settings can be fitted to English translations perfectly well.


Go read it all at the above hyperlink.


Mr. Odie has a follow up article here: “The ordinariate liturgy is even more splendid in action than it seemed on the page; the Church has absorbed elements of the Anglican patrimony I hadn’t anticipated”

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