Monsignor Jeffrey Steenson's Sermon Notes at Fr. Carl Reid's Ordination

I link to this excellent article on my friend Deborah’s website. I wish I could have been there for Father Reid’s ordination to the priesthood and for Monsignor Steenson’s marvelous homily.

Here’s a snip-it from the homily:

Carl, several of us here today share this extraordinary experience, sometimes mischaracterized as “re-ordination.” What the Catholic Church believes about ordained ministry is a sensitive matter in ecumenical conversations, and sometimes a little humour will help. My friends at the Irish College in Rome said to me – and it applies to you too – “Five ordinations and a wedding!” Perhaps II Tim. 2:6 might help to put this in some context – let us stir up the firm and earnest intentions of our Anglican ordination, now rightly ordered toward Catholic unity. The Church will supply the objective matter, but let us stir up the desire to be faithful always to this holy calling.

I like the way St. John Chrysostom reads this text – “For it requires much zeal to stir up the gift of God. As fire requires fuel, so grace requires that we be fervent … For by sloth and carelessness it is quenched, and by watchfulness and diligence it is kept alive. For it is in you indeed, but you must render it more vehement, that is, fill it with confidence, with joy and delight. Stand manfully.”

Read the whole article and see the pictures here.

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