Photos from our Advent I Mass

A great big “thank you” to all who contributed to the beautiful Anglican Use Mass at Holy Rosary Parish yesterday, December 2, 2012 — to my knowledge, the first Anglican Use Mass ever in Indiana, and thankfully not the last (perhaps, also the only one in a 500 mile radius). Father Peter Marshall, our chaplain, pointed out the irony of the day: that while Advent is a time of preparation and waiting, our, St. Joseph of Arimathea Society’s, day had finally arrived! Father’s first Anglican Use Mass was a blessing to us all.

There were over sixty of us in attendance and, with the busy morning schedule at Holy Rosary, we were finished in plenty of time to help set up for the Ordinary Form Mass that follows us. After which, we retired to the under-croft for a delicious and lively Coffee Hour prepared by the ladies, while our ever dogged schola rehearsed in preparation for next week.

The procession enters the church.
Our schola.
Fr. Marshall’s homily.
The Canon of the Mass.
The elevation and adoration of our Eucharistic Lord, Creator and Sustainer of heaven and earth.

The schola again, eager to sing Tallis’ “Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You” at the communion. They had sung at the offertory, a SSA arrangement of Purcell’s “Remember, Not Lord Our Offences.”


Today, December 3rd, we have the privilege of attending the installation of Indianapolis’ new Archbishop, Joseph W. Tobin. May God bless the Church and his shepherding of the flock in this area.

Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R.

To learn more about the installation check here.


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