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The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter has updated its “Communities” page to include links for all of the groups committed to fulfilling the Pope’s prophetic vision for Anglicans. We are among those listed.

Many thanks to the folks who keep the Ordinariate web site current and informative!


Anglicanorum coetibus, the Apostolic Constitution that created the Ordinariates for people of the Anglican Patrimony, envisions parishes, groups, and religious communities entering the Ordinariate.

Communities in the Ordinariate include the following:

Our Lady of Walsingham, Houston, TX
Mount Calvary, Baltimore, MD
Saint Luke’s, Bladensburg, MD
Saint Timothy, Fort Worth, TX
Saint Peter the Rock, Fort Worth, TX
Saint Michael the Archangel, Philadelphia, PA
St. Joseph of Aramathea, Indianapolis, IN
St. John’s, Calgary, Alberta
Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ottawa, Ontario
St. Anselm’s, Greenville, SC
St. Thomas More, Scranton, PA

Current instructions for individuals and/or communities expressing interest in the Ordinariate are contained within Msgr. Steenson’s Pastoral Letter of January 31, 2012.

Relevant forms to express interest are:

Community Profile: For those communities seeking to join the Ordinariate.

Clergy Profile: For those Anglican clergy seeking to join the Ordinariate.

Family Letter Template: For individuals and families seeking to join the Ordinariate.

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